Application Training & Company Presentation/ 求职培训及企业宣讲会

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Application Training & Company Presentation

2018年3月31日(周六)March 31st, 2018 (Saturday)




Salon 6, Beijing Marriott Hotel Northeast
No. 26A Xiao Yun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing




       这也是我们为什么邀请来自Lead with Words的Michelle Gropp来我们的招聘会为大家做一小时求职培训的原因。她不仅是一位加拿大企业家,更是一名专业讲师,长期为许多跨国公司及亚洲各公司领导提供优秀的沟通技巧课程。她的公司致力于通过帮助人们表达自己想法来提升自我影响力。她会讲四国语言,在七个国家工作并生活过,访问了近40个国家。以其独特的背景和与人力资源部门的紧密合作,使其深入的了解顶级公司对于招募新员工的要求。

The first 30 seconds of a job interview often decide whether the recruiter thinks you are an interesting candidate or not. Presenting yourself in a confident, capable manner is the key to finding your dream job.

This is why we invited Michelle Gropp from Lead with Words to hold a one-hour application training. She is a Canadian entrepreneur and Master Trainer who equips multinational organizations and their leaders across Asia to become outstanding communicators. Her company specializes in helping people increase their influence through how they present their ideas. She speaks 4 languages, has lived and worked in 7 countries, and has visited nearly 40 nations. Her unique background and close work with HR has given her an inside look into what top companies want in new recruits.




  • ● 学习一种全面的方法来应对任何一场面试,从首次阅读职位信息到面试

  • ●  获得真实案例

  • ● 获得两个分步方案,使您的准备更加快速及顺畅


Her workshop, titled How to Interview with Confidence, will help you to articulate your value to stand out from the crowd.

  • ● Learn a comprehensive method to prepare for any interview, going from reading the job posting for the first time to the interview itself

  • ● Get real examples

  • ● Gain access to two step-by-step templates to make your preparation smoother and faster

There’ll be a Q&A at the end of the workshop.



Note: The training fee is just RMB 50/person. Please keep in mind that the number of participants is limited to 80 people and the booking will be allocated according to the order of incoming registrations. Therefore we recommend signing up quickly to get one of the limited spaces. You will be perfectly prepared and motivated to talk to your dream employer.






To even better prepare yourself for the Job Fair, please check out the information sheet below with important information regarding how to prepare your CV and motivation letter. Some open job positions will be posted on our WeChat account “GIC_China” so you can prepare individual cover letters before attending the Job Fair.

Information Sheet

If you arrange your application documents properly and attend the application training you are very well prepared for the Job Fair. Increase your chances to land a position at your dream employer!

Additionally, HR experts of the exhibiting German companies will hold presentations after the application training. This is a great way to learn more about why they are attractive employers, what they are looking for in the candidates and additionally the experts will share their experiences with you during the whole day of the Job Fair. It is free of charge to attend the company presentations.


If you have any questions, please contact jobfair@bj.china.ahk.de, 010-65396637.

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